Indigenous Relationships

As an experienced

Western Canadian contractor,

Voice Management Ltd. understands the value of strong, lasting relationships with the local and Indigenous communities and strives to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Voice has historically worked with numerous local and indigenous companies and hired locally wherever we operate. We have fostered a win-win relationship across the local value chain, delivering socioeconomic benefit to the region in the process.

Voice Mangement Ltd. is proud to partner with Indigenous communities on their traditional territories across Western Canada. Our community engagement plan is underpinned by 4 key principles including:

  • Providing employment opportunities to local residents
  • Community social engagement
  • Recruiting Remote General Contractors
  • Developing relationships with local suppliers
  • Delivering socio-economic benefit to the region and operating in an environmentally friendly safe and sustainable manner.

Voice understands that no two communities are exactly the same, which is why we have experienced Community Relations / Business Development representatives who engage with the community before any work commences. Voice believes it is important to comprehensively understand the community in which we work and gain their trust in furtherance of long-term relationships, to build a foundation on which long-term relationships will stand.

Utilizing local Indigenous businesses is Voice’s top priority when working throughout Western Canada. We have a list of subcontractors and suppliers we have worked with in the past and we continue to partner with communities where we work.