Surmont II

Surmont II is located south of Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, ConocoPhillips Surmont SAGD facility began Phase 2 operations in 2015. Surmont II is the largest single SAGD phase ever completed, featuring a nameplate capacity of 118,000 bbls/d.

Voice provided the following services during this project:

  • Movement of 3 million cubic metres of Topsoil, Mass, and Cut fill
  • Road development
  • Ditch development
  • Culvert construction
  • Placement of 600,000 tonnes of gravel
  • Installation of underground piping
  • Testing and construction of 27 tank foundations

Voice played a major role in the construction of Surmont II with contract values totaling over $350 million. Voice’s extensive scope of work included moving 3 million cubic meters of topsoil/mass/cut fill, site development including 16 km of roads/ditches/culverts, 600,000 tonnes gravel placed, 15 km of various underground piping installed and construction & testing of 27 tank foundations.