Health Safety & Environment

Voice Management Ltd. is dedicated to creating an incident and injury free culture. We call this our “Road to Zero”. Accomplishing this requires maintaining the highest standards for safety on each project every single day. We want our employees to return home happy and healthy.

Voice uses an industry leading Healthy, Safety, and Environment management system (HSE MS). It contains four essential steps that guarantee a continuous improvement cycle:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Checking
  • Reviewing and Acting

Voice has gained a reputation for excellence in the field of health and safety, both by our clients and by regulatory agencies that have recognized our work with numerous awards.

We continually solicit feedback from the workforce to build a more secure workplace.

All employees contribute to our “Road to Zero” culture by embracing safety and following the guidelines in the HSE MS. Every task is expected to be carried out in the safest manner possible. An example of this is our Vision Card Program which provides a pro-active, safe work environment by implementing a system to recognize positive behavior, performance, attitude and reporting.

Voice holds its provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta. The COR is an important regulatory document demonstrating that an employer has a formal health and safety management system that is up to established standards. Maintaining a COR requires a yearly internal audit and a thorough external audit every three years. To further solidify our pledge to our journey down the “Road to Zero,” we keep at least one National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO) on staff at all construction locations to support the operations team.

Our dedication to HSE extends well beyond our projects. Our employees are regularly involved in regional safety committees including construction associations, industrial OHS councils, and the Certified Business Continuity Professional Institute (CBCP).


We take our commitment to reducing our footprint seriously. We offer a multitude of environmental protection procedures and services, and seek new ways to improve our impact on a daily basis.

Voice is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable development and the application of environmentally conscious construction methods. Our standards and practices are designed to complete the tasks at hand while minimizing any disturbances to the environment. Human waste, refuse, fuel, oil and grease are handled in a way to reduce the risk of spills or leaks. The conservation of soils, containment of sediment and natural topography is emphasized.

Our vast experience has allowed the Voice team to institute a strict set of policies that govern daily operations with regards to environmental protection. Our fleet features modern heavy equipment that allows for reduced emissions and extended lubrication life cycles.


Our accomplishments, experience and expertise are irrelevant if not built on an unwavering commitment to safety. Regardless of the scope of the project, the planning, equipment, and personnel, each element hinges on one essential ingredient: HSE. At Voice, safety is a company-wide philosophy and the foundation upon which we base our practices.


In addition to the company’s extensive and highly regarded workplace regulations, Voice Management Ltd. has instituted a set of wide-ranging programs that address a significant number of safety, health and lifestyle issues. At the end of the day, HSE is the single most pervasive element that ties together all that Voice is, and all that Voice does.


Voice firmly believes that preventative maintenance of our company fleet is money well spent. As a result, we are dedicated to ensuring that all equipment is consistently operating at maximum efficiency levels. Voice understands that the safety of our customers and the public depends on our equipment being held to the highest standards applicable. We meet and exceed all relevant HSE regulations, performing routine inspections to maintain operational excellence.

Social Responsibility

Voice remains committed to upholding a culture of social responsibility, acting as an equal opportunity employer. We provide training for local workers that allow them to enhance their existing skillset and gain vital experience on the jobsite. This leads to many project workers joining Voice as permanent hires. We strongly believe that it is important to ensure that indigenous communities and local residents benefit from our projects. Historically, we have worked with numerous Indigenous companies, and seek to employ locally wherever we operate. We take pride in our employee retention, as well as our diverse personnel. Voice has become heavily involved in many communities across Western Canada over the past few years and continues to forge new relationships with stakeholders daily.

Since 1939

With over seven decades of experience, our clients rely on the best-in-class quality we bring to every project. They have trust in our people, their skills, and the vast range of capabilities that we proudly offer.