Grande Prairie

Things to Do In Grande Prairie

Grand Prairie is one of the most populated cities in Alberta. The City is in the southern part of the Peace River Country. The town is one of the most attractive places for people to visit or even make the place their home. If you are an adventure fan, then Grande Prairie is the perfect place for you. There lots of things to see and do in Grande Prairie. This article highlights some relevant facts to know about Grande Prairie.

Camping and Accommodation

There are several Full-service bed and breakfasts, Motels and also hotels available for visitors in this city. There are also over 50 campgrounds available for visitors. The accommodation ranges in price and amenities. Therefore, there is always something to suit the needs of everybody. There are some campgrounds in Grande Prairie that provide free of charge firewood. For other campgrounds firewood may be sold at a concession or the fee may be included as a charge.

Bear Creek Golf Club

If you love golfing Grande Prairie is an excellent place to enjoy your sport. A good golfing spot in Grande Prairie is the Bear Creek Golf Club. The Club is a perfect place for the kind of people who love golf and enjoy the nature and beauty that the city offers.

GPRC Climbing Gym

The GPRC climbing Gym is found in Grand Prairie Regional College. The indoor climbing wall is known to provide over three thousand and five hundred square feet of cliff-hanging wall space. The staffs of the gym are warming helpful and friendly. They are helpful to most newbies and always give them a few pointers on the cliff-hanging.

It’s easy to get there

The city is located around four hundred and fifty kilometers northwest of the Edmonton City. You can also reach Grande Prairie by Highway 43. The Highway is a “four-laned” highway that is fully paved. The distance from the City to the B.C Border is approximately one hundred kilometers. The Regional Airport in Grande Prairie is known to receive flights from Edmonton, Fort St. John and Calgary. This Airport provides connections to destinations to the rest of Canada and the United States on a regular basis.