Fort McMurray

Things to Know about Fort McMurray

From Edmonton, it takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to reach Fort Mcmurray. Also known as Fort Mac this town is located north of Edmonton. Below are some things to know about Fort McMurray Alberta.


Fort McMurray is one of the most diverse cities in Canada. The town is made up of Albertans and people who come up from other parts of Canada and also the world. The different communities that live in Fort McMurray include Chinese, Somali Canadian’s, First Nations and other ethnicities. You also need to know that there are approximately one hundred and forty-seven different languages that are spoken in the school systems in Fort McMurray.

MacDonald Island

Fort McMurray has Canada’s Leisure and recreational center. Mac Donald is both an outdoor and indoor facility. It consists of Suncor Community Leisure Center, Syncrude Aquatic Center, and Miskanaw Golf Club. The island is commonly known to offer multitudes of activities and events. The Island is currently undergoing a massive renovation. In the near future expect to see some additions such as Turf field, new restaurant, Community Pavilion, Tournament Centre, Badminton Courts, Expansion of Golf, Wellness and Fitness Area and many more additions.

Fort McMurray’s Culturev

There are different entertainment and arts activities in Fort McMurray. Whether you are looking for an evening to relax at movies or good dining experiences or even if you are looking for golf, Fort McMurray has all that entertainment. The place has huge scenes from local music as well. The existence of Campbell Music proves this. This is the only real-music store that is found in the north part of Edmonton.

The People

People in Fort McMurray are known to be social and friendly. If you are new in the place, some people can easily guide you to the best local attractions in the city and also take you to the best events available. Most people in Fort McMurray will not shy around when you ask them for directions. They will kindly assist you in whatever needs you may have.