Surprising Facts about Edmonton City

Most “go-to” travel destinations that are known around the world include cities like: New York, Bangkok, London, and Paris. However, other “go-to” cities are less known. These cities are good for people who love to travel around the world. An example of such a city is Edmonton. Edmonton is a city in Canada. It is the capital of Canada’s province of Alberta. One of the great attractions of the town is its lively urban center culture. The city has over One hundred and seventy-two attractions and has over four point four million visitors per year. This article highlights some surprising facts about Edmonton City.

Over 100 attractions

There is no time for a person to be bored in Edmonton. In Edmonton, there are so many attraction sites to see. This may make a person to wish to extend his or her holiday. If you are a fan of culture and art, then Edmonton is the City for you. The city has excellent art and culture attraction sites like for example you can visit; The Alberta royal Museum, the Legislature Building, and the Art Gallery of Alberta. The city has excellent Malls for those who are like shopping. Malls in Edmonton include; The West Edmonton Mall, Galaxy- land and World Waterpark. If you are hiking fan, you can take a hike at Jasper National Park.

Shopping Malls

Edmonton has one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. West Edmonton Mall is one of the biggest malls in Canada. The malls have an approximate of over 30 million visitors each year. The high number of people who visit the mall per year makes the mall to be the highest ranked attraction site for many visitors. The largest mall in North America is West Edmonton Mall. In 1981 to 2004 this was the world’s largest mall. For shopping lovers, Edmonton is the perfect place you need to be.